Synchronising global supply chains

MVT is a cloud-based, hyper secure, workflow solution that connects shippers to their entire supply chain – from suppliers and manufacturers, to carriers, distribution networks and customers – harnessing participant, process and inventory data to provide complete real-time visibility, control and intelligence.

Conceived, delivered and supported by Metro’s technical solutions division, MVT is simple to access on any device with security credentials through the web and APIs and integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other back office systems to provide accurate data and insights, instantly.

Global supply chains are complex and multi-dimensional, which is why each MVT solution is unique to match each client’s sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities across the globe, automating processes and triggering alerts with exception management at nominated and key milestones.

The same MVT backbone that powers our customers supply chains, provides Metro’s operational and financial management platform; our global operations system.

The user interface is familiar and simple to use, incorporating features that we are already familiar with, such as social networking, document management and instant reporting tools.

Dashboard tools allow users to prioritise the information they view, creating a unique experience that reflects their day-to-day needs


“MVT has dramatically improved our supply chain, reducing costs across the business and significantly improving lead times.”