Serving quality, striving for perfection

We do not believe that operations, freight management and supply chain solutions should be anything less than perfect, because your supply chain depends on getting the right information to make the decisions that drive efficiency and push down costs.

Metro’s internal systems for operations, customer service, bookings and finance are all linked and integrated with MVT, to harness emerging IoT technology.

Metro’s secure cloud-based MVT platform is simple and easy to use. It is globally accessible and has been designed to control all the participants and moving parts in the most complex supply chains.

With a simple mouse-click you can access tools that allow you to review your supply chain operations in real-time, manage global inventory or drill down to individual items, using a selection of search tools.

Exception reporting means that your team will be alerted to any non-conformities, to keep your supply chain running smoothly. The system adapts to your evolving needs, as does the user dashboard, which can be personalised to your taste.

We recognise that, flexible as MVT is, additional functionality or visibility may be required. This is why our in-house development team can create the unique solution that is perfect for your supply chain.

Passive control of the supply chain may not be sufficient to protect your transport assets or goods in transit, which is why our physical monitoring solutions provide global visibility of individual assets and monitor the environmental stability of loaded product.

Our systems monitor real-time situations and provide an audit-trail for future analysis, using a blend of GPS technology, geo-fence triggers and on-board sensors.


Visibly better

This chemical manufacturing client operates a global fleet of 700 ISO tanks globally to transport its products from plant to customers.

Despite investing heavily in GPS devices, manual processes for location logging persisted, resulting in inaccurate reporting and low visibility levels of these critical assets, which extended turnaround times and reduced availability for reuse.

Metro’s technology team devised a new solution on the MVT platform to manage these critical assets with pinpoint accuracy, using a blend of exception alerting and automated resolution processes.

Onboard GPS devices ands geo-fencing define whether tanks are at designated sites, in transit, or have exceed agreed time any any location.

MVT monitors the asset’s progress against the supply chain model, highlighting non- conformities and automatically resolves these alerts, if the system recognises a remedial action.

Exception monitoring mean that the client now has no need to monitor assets which are operating correctly, focusing only on those that require attention.