Global Supply Chain

Simplifying international trade

The spread of globalisation has simplified international sourcing and trade, but as supply chains have extended further to seek new products and lower costs, they become more complex, with multiplying participants, actions and timelines adding uncertainty.

In managing their supply chain’s, executives are balancing many challenges to maintain efficient and effective processes that deliver their basic levels of customer service, in providing the right product and quantity, to the right place and time.

And it’s not just customer service that the executive needs to protect, with supply chain operating costs under extreme pressure from rising prices in many areas, increasingly complex compliance regulations and increasing demands.

Metro has spent 40 years transforming the supply chains of ambitious businesses in the UK and overseas, developing a unique team of experts, a global network of like-minded partners and our award-winning MVT visibility solutions suite, which integrate effortlessly for simple scaling.

We transform our customers’ supply chains, so that they can have complete confidence in growing their business, by seizing new sourcing opportunities, accessing new customers in new markets and generating economies of scale for further cost-saving.

We review, audit and map the physical supply chain to streamline processes and introduce efficiencies.

Integrating systems and participants, we digitise and automate data collection and updating throughout the supply chain. We thus create a real-time view to improve the agility, speed and quality that drives productivity gains and cuts operating costs.

Exception monitoring, management and resolution reduces drag on human resources and directs action to the required point of intervention, which minimises impact on performance and operations.

Visibility is the most critical feature of an efficient supply chain because it provides the capability to control every component and participant from the owner’s vantage point.

This control tower view is bespoke to the user and can be adapted to provide a personal view of the full supply chain picture and the tools to act immediately upon selected data points.

In-transit visibility is often complicated by different infrastructures, data definitions and message formats, which make it difficult to receive and publish status updates from carriers, hauliers and other freight forwarders.

Without this big picture it is impossible to gain a comprehensive picture and assess performance and bottlenecks, let alone implement cost-saving strategies or just-in-time deliveries.

Because MVT is cloud-based technology it eradicates these cost and service level consequences because in the unlikely event that its customisable APIs cannot collect data from a participant’s system, MVT can be accessed remotely for direct data input.

The managed supply chain

  • Minimise international trade risks
  • Manage inventory in the supply chain
  • Improve supply chain responsiveness
  • Eliminate stock-outs and late customer orders
  • Improve vendor performance and order accuracy
  • Shorten inbound lead times and order cycle times
  • Introduce exception management, automated and expedited resolution

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