Your data will simplify Brexit

The lockdown impact on UK transport

“Trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until data moves them.” On January 1st 2021 the United Kingdom begins a new trading relationship with the European Union and your data is needed now to keep your goods moving. 

While lots of uncertainty about how trade between the UK and the EU will operate from January 2021, we know that record keeping, filing and customs declarations WILL be needed for trade between the UK and the EU.

We provide customs clearance and filing services for all UK ports and airports, and with our customs support partner, provide a full-service ‘Customs Agent’ service across Europe, with dedicated offices in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

As an importer/exporter, you should start preparing for the Brexit changes now by compiling your ‘master data’ and sharing them with your customs broker, ideally Metro.

It is essential that all data fields required for customs clearance are correct, which means that basic information such as value, weight, volume, insurance, and delivery conditions are kept in a structured database. 

A key element that needs to be captured is the product description and HS code (Customs Code) data. 

Enriching a product database with correct HS code information is a time-consuming process that requires specialist knowledge. 

Don’t wait until December 31st, this can be done in advance and we can help help you prepare your product database, so that you are ready for customs filings. 

  • Address data of customers, suppliers, providers
  • Materials, product descriptions
  • Product commodity codes
  • EU dual-use numbers 
  • Export Control Classification Numbers
  • Origins; preferential and non-preferential
  • Coded documents
  • Weight data
  • Legal basis/conditions
  • EORI/customs numbers

The above ‘master data’ list is only a partial one, which is why it’s important to share it with us now, so we can fill in any gaps, check classifications, build your trader relationship file and automate many of the day one Brexit customs declarations and processes. 

Holding your master data also ensures consistency so that, for example, a single (8-digit) commodity code is used in the export declaration, in the Intrastat report, and in the commercial documentation.

Metro are well positioned with our post Brexit customs platform, which we have developed over the last 2 years with our partners in Europe and software development digitalising customs submissions. 

Please contact us in relation to Metro providing you with the complete Brexit customs solution.