With the shipping lines current performance, consignment level visibility has never been more important

The ability to track shipments in transit enables shippers to manage inventory in motion, limit disruptions and mitigate risk. But with shipping schedules currently in tatters, the lines’ predictive locations tools are not reliable, leaving Metro to find a solution.

Real-time shipment tracking, provides a clear view of inventory, location, route and transit, which enables shippers to manage inventory in motion, provide status updates to internal stakeholders and flex their supply chain to limit disruptions and mitigate risk.

The predictive tools shipping lines use to forecast their vessel’s location, are based on the vessel’s schedule, rather than its true location and with shipping schedules disrupted by the Suez-blocking issue, with vessels skipping ports and then being reinstated, slowing down or being diverted around the Cape, the carriers are powerless to provide accurate details.

The automatic identification system (AIS) is a tracking platform that uses transceivers which are detected by satellites to identify the carrying vessel’s unique identification, position, course, and speed, allowing maritime authorities to track and monitor vessel movements.

Metro’s technical solutions team integrated real-time AIS data to create a new shipment visibility tile for our MVT supply chain management platform. Recovering critical visibility by displaying vessel position, linked to individual consignments, with details to SKU level.

We continue to report and share shipping line changes to their schedules, but accurately tracking the position of their vessels with AIS ensures that our shippers retain critical shipment visibility, even in the aftermath of the Suez closure and ongoing disruption and global events.

For further information on our MVT tool and to discuss how we can further enhance the management, visibility, transparency and controls within your supply chains please contact Grant Liddell or Simon George who will be delighted to discuss the detail.