The Metro team talk: Steve Smith

The essential ingredient for many industries, chemicals are part of nearly every product used in the home and office. There is no room for error in logistics for the chemical and petro-chemical sector, which is a key vertical for Metro, in the care of Steve Smith.

Joining Metro in 2003, Steve began his career in the Ocean Export team, before moving across to chemical accounts two years later, handling global movements of hazardous and non-hazardous goods by all modes (road / sea / air / rail) and types (FCL / Lcl / Iso tank / bulk).

Chemical logistics requires flexibility and adaptability and supply chains can be long, unpredictable and complex, with Steve managing his team to deliver the end-to-end process for imports, exports and cross-trade.

Steveā€™s role includes extensive travel, but it is also highly responsible, as the effective and safe handling of these most challenging products, together with care for the environment and in full accordance with rigorous regulations, is of key importance in protecting the image and reputation of Metro and our chemical clients.

Steve helps clients optimise their supply chains, ensuring service, safety and quality throughout, for high-value and high-consequence goods.

Ensuring the safety of people, the environment and material goods requires comprehensive knowledge of protective measures and dangerous goods handling, throughout all phases of transport and storage of chemical goods.

Steve is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser(DGSA) for road, rail, and inland waterways, having passed examinations set by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Through Steve and his Metro colleagues, our clients can take a strategic approach to their chemical product supply chains, creating resilience, flexibility and a real competitive advantage. In addition they receive a measured, reliable and consistent solution within a safe supply chain.