The Metro team talk: Emma Hulbert

The paper money we carry in our wallets and purses has no intrinsic worth. Money fulfils its function, when we have confidence that it will retain its value over time. In the service sector, the products sold are intangible, relying on people to create confidence and deliver value. Emma Hulbert and her team deliver confidence by the million (of kilos!)

Despite the increasing numbers of cancelled sailings from China, caused by the pandemic, the impact for Metro’s customers has been minimised, as Emma’s team has leveraged volume contracts and shipping line relationships to get cargo lifted.

Emma joined Metro’s export sea freight team in 2002, before moving onto the sea commercial team, responsible for negotiating freight rates from 2009.

Two career breaks, in 2011 and 2015, saw Emma’s family expand, with the births of her two children.

A working Mum, Emma managed to sandwich a new business development role and promotion to Commercial Manager between her maternity leave, picking up her role again in 2016, managing carrier relationships, customer expectations and negotiating export and import pricing.

MVT is Metro’s multi-award winning cloud-based workflow solution, providing supply chain visibility, purchase order management and a suite of 4PL modules. Emma has been instrumental in contributing to the continued development of the MVT platform.

In 2017 Emma was lead in the planning and development of the import space control import system, that manages Metro’s global partner carrier volume allocations – and has been so critical at this time – connecting directly to customer facing and internal dashboards. 

Emma’s team manage the space and allocation for all import and cross-trade business globally, working closely with and training overseas offices in their use of the system.

Emma’s control system allows us to maintain and monitor all space requirements globally, with real-time updates for customers one click away.