Telling us what you need – we are the ‘solution’ not part of the supply chain ‘problem!’

Delivering great service and exceeding your expectations is our continuous focus and commitment, but we need your feedback to give us the insights and understanding to drive future initiatives and remain a totally customer orientated business. Hopefully you will agree – we do this rather well and always proactively.

Quality, efficiency, service, creative solutions and reliability are the issues that we want to measure, when we consider customer satisfaction, which is why an overall score of 92% in our latest survey is a satisfying basis to continue building on. Our desire is 100% – but even we find that ambitious.

Finding and converting new customers takes time and resource and even more of the same to develop the collaborative relationship that delivers real and consistent value. A partnership in fact as we see it, is an extension of your own business and strategic aspirations.

Our objective is to build long-term, mutually-rewarding relationships, built on understanding and respect, so that you can focus on growing your business whilst Metro manage your supply chain and logistics. And much more, whilst reducing unnecessary costs within your global freight platform.

Customer retention starts with satisfaction and a simple way of measuring this is with regular customer satisfaction surveys, that show us what we’re getting right and wrong, so we can address any shortcomings promptly, to recover customer confidence.

The customer satisfaction survey is not only an excellent tool to support customers, it can highlight issues that should be immediately addressed and help us differentiate the Metro brand from our competitors.

Consistently creating customer satisfaction helps us stand out from the competition and encourages recommendation, rather than negative feedback, which can be so damaging in the digital age.

Satisfied and loyal customers are our complete focus because your continued support has been the most important factor in our continued growth over the last four decades.

We understand how busy our customers are, which is why we make our customer satisfaction surveys so quick and easy to complete. Our latest version comprises just six questions and can be completed in just a few seconds. 

Please do take time to interact with us and provide your valued feedback – it is essential and you receive our latest 2022 calendars as a ‘thank you’ for your assistance and contribution.


“It is easy to find the right contact at Metro”
90% positive rating

“I understand all the ways Metro can help me”
95% positive rating

“Metro are proactive in solving my problems”
90% positive rating

“Metro always keep me informed”
85% positive rating

“I would recommend Metro to a friend or colleague”
100% positive rating

What is your preferred method of communication”
Email 100%
Phone 50.0%
Zoom 0%
Visit 0%

As one of our survey respondents said. “In the current supply chain market communication is key.” Which is why it is essential that we have your feedback, so please do take the opportunity to share your insights.

Your views, experience and insights will enhance our logistics, freight, supply chain and technological solutions, during these challenging times. 

We will always proactively contact, call and at times ‘badger’ you to receive feedback and continue to improve our service and solutions. Review and an agile approach in a diverse and fluid logistics environment are essential ingredients for all successful organisations – and we want to be part of your solution.

Thank you for taking part in our survey and we will contact you to discuss your feedback and factor into the planning for your growth and satisfaction. It’s what we do…