Taking positive eco action – going greener

While our technical solutions team get ready to launch our CO2 monitoring and off-setting tool, we have note-worthy initiatives going live in Argentina and Switzerland.

Our project-shipping arm, Fracht organised the shipment of 15k tons of sand (that’s 15 million kilos) in industrial poly-bags from the United States to Argentina for fracking by the country’s oil and gas industry.

Through their fracking activity, oil companies use millions of these plastic big bags to transport sand, the main component used to break the rocks, every year. The bags are then discarded, becoming a waste that is mostly burned, increasing the carbon emissions and accelerating climate change.

The Fracht team in Argentina learnt of an exciting sustainable initiative, that offered an opportunity to take positive environmental action, by converting environmentally ‘unfriendly’ packaging, into a recycled product that would publicly display our commitment and contribution to achieve a sustainable environment. 

The clothing brand “Basilotta” was founded 10 years ago in Buenos Aires by the Basilotta sisters (Carla, Ornella and Mora) who, in search of natural fibers to develop a new collection, came across the bags used as sand containers for fracking (the same as those shipped by Fracht) and immediately saw their potential as a unique textile.

Using their immense creativity and innovation they created a new project – Fracking Design – a brand of impactful design, where plastic big bags are recycled and transformed into premium accessories, using an industrial textile treatment, that creates a super-resistant raw material.

In recovering and recycling this waste, by transforming it into desirable premium products, Fracking Design is helping to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing waste and taking care of the air on our planet.

In another initiative that we will share shortly, our Fracht colleagues in Switzerland have purchased CO2 compensation for 10 million kilos of freight emissions, that our clients can access to support solar projects in India. More follows………………

Our modular cloud-based 4PL platform is designed to track CO2 emissions by shipment, mode, route and fuel type, using globally accepted standards and methodologies for measuring emissions.

With standardised reporting, we can provide a range of effective carbon offset options and our customers can review benchmarks, to compare carriers’ environmental performance to make informed buying decisions.