Supporting environmental transparency

Environmental reporting standards for business have been high on the agenda at the UN’s Climate Change Conference – COP26 – currently underway in Glasgow and Metro support the drive for businesses to be open about their impact on the planet, as transparency is an essential precursor for reaching global solutions to a global problem.

Companies’ response to climate change is arguably the most pressing issue facing society, which is why the UK government has joined 38 international partners to welcome the establishment of new international sustainability reporting standards at COP26. 

As a disclosing company, Metro is among the 13,000 corporations that have committed to environmental transparency, by disclosing our environmental impact and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests.

While world leaders gathered to discuss the future of climate change and their negotiating teams are hard at work at #COP26, we hope that our customers, and the wider industry, will also take action on climate change, because it poses a present and future risk to supply chains. 

It is only by measuring our environmental impact, that companies can understand and mitigate now, to prepare for the future and ultimately remain competitive – especially as there is increasing demand for goods, services and suppliers with a reduced environmental impact. 

Metro’s MVT Eco module monitors the energy emissions, emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move, by every mode, which means that Metro customers can monitor the environmental impact of their supply chains and participate in offset projects that will eradicate their CO2 footprint.

The MVT ECO module is a cloud-based solution, that is available, free-of-charge, to all our shippers on their MVT dashboard, where they can view key eco statistics related to their movements, to see which areas will benefit most from emissions offsetting and where efforts can have the most impact.

To request a demo or discuss your requirements, please contact Simon George, who leads our technical solution team, or Claus Rasmussen to discuss carbon reduction strategies and the availability of offset projects.