Metro expand further in India

With an expanding team of 50+ colleagues, led by UK trained ā€˜super-usersā€™, Metro have taken possession of a newly commissioned premises in Chennai, after a traditional Puja ritual to spiritually celebrate the office opening and launch of our new Indian entity, M-ISC Shared Service Centre Private Limited.

Metro has been managing and transforming industrial, manufacturing and automotive supply chains since 1982. By taking responsibility for their supply chains and documentary requirements, outsource clients are free to concentrate on growing their business, producing products and opening new markets.

Our documentation and process outsourcing solutions are entirely bespoke for each client, and designed to optimise documentation, streamline processes and introduce digital efficiencies. To scale capability and provide 24/7 coverage, Metro launched its inaugural international business process outsource (BPO) operations in 1998.

In 2018, following the EU exit referendum and with the massive increase in customs declarations that Brexit would create (estimated at >400million p.a.) an additional outsource operation was launched in India, to support the original Malaysia-based team.

The combined business process and outsource (BPO) functions in India, Malaysia and UK has grown consistently and processes millions of individual tasks annually, to expedite the global transport and border clearance of 1000ā€™s of individual consignments. In addition the process optimisation created through the ā€˜back officeā€™ function ensure we are slicker, competitive and have full coverage across all continents, regardless of the time of day.

The launch of M-ISC Shared Service Centre Private Limited and the move of their team of 50+ into the larger and plusher office facilities in Chennai, after the inclusive Puja ritual (see pictures below) will support further growth and increase resources in India.

For two months, at the end of last year, we had the pleasure of hosting six M-ISC colleagues at our UKHQ in Birmingham for extensive ā€˜Super-Userā€™ training. Spending time with colleagues and departments across Eclipse House, they have gained unique insights, technical knowledge and operational experience, that will be invaluable when they are training their own colleagues in Chennai.

We look forward to further knowledge-sharing and the further expansion and integration into the global Metro team, with regular colleague learning and experience exchanges to India and the UK on a continual and regular basis.

This is just one of many developments in the first quarter of 2023, which will add value and greater depth to the Metro solution. Many more announcements to come in coming weeks and months ā€“ stay alert!

For further information please contact Paul Moss or Andrew White, who leads our UKHQ based BPO team or Simon George who will be delighted to explain how our technical solutions streamline/standardise/digitise complexĀ processes.