Mega Felixstowe DC offers so much more than space – it’s UNIque

With warehouse space becoming increasingly scarce, access to 100,000 pallet spaces would be welcomed by most shippers. The new group Mega Distribution Centre beside Felixstowe port, offers the smart executive access to plenty of space and the opportunity to cut costs, simplify processes and improve cash flow.

The new 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC (FMDC) is just 400 metres from the UK’s largest container port, offering shippers all the benefits of port-centric logistics.

Rather than transporting goods away from the port, often hundreds of miles, to inland warehouses, the port-centric model lets you replace costly, time-consuming links in the supply chain, with simple solutions from ship to doorstep.

1. Reduce cost

Immediately remove the difficult to arrange and often costly haulage from port to inland warehouse as well as totally avoiding the high – and often unavoidable – costs of quay rent and container detention.

2. Reduce complexity

Simplify the supply chain by removing handling stages through the storage and distribution process. Holding buffer stocks at the point of import, until call-off and direct delivery, avoids wasted freight miles, provides buffer stock and frees up inland warehouse resource.

3. Quicker access to goods

Port-centric warehousing provides the quickest route for product to inventory, reducing lead times and giving visibility of the quality and quantity of goods in the fastest way possible.

4. Improved cash flow

Bonded storage improves cash flow by deferring payment for duty and VAT until goods are released for sale in the UK. Calling off stock as it is needed provides cashflow control and contingencies back into the supply-chain planning.

Located on a 28-acre site alongside the A14 and Felixstowe, the 750,000 sq ft fulfilment centre opened in the second quarter of 2021. It is British Retail Consortium (BRC) food grade accredited and Customs-bonded for wet and dry goods.

  • 400,000 sq ft narrow/wide aisle pallet racking
  • 200,000 sq ft eFulfilment zone
  • 100,000 sq ft cold store
  • 80,000 ambient pallet spaces
  • 18,000 pallet spaces of frozen storage
  • 10 levels of racking
  • 4 mezzanine floors
  • Advanced electrical mechanical handling equipment
  • Significant green credentials

If you need and desire a strategy that is future-proof, that will deliver your product to the right place, at the right time, please contact Chris Carlie. We can scope and profile your full requirements and aspirations, to demonstrate how we can assist you in a challenging environment. 

We recommend a collaborative approach, to identify the many other benefits and opportunities we can offer within your supply chains, that will allow you to focus on distribution and manufacturing of your core business platform. 

We would be delighted to arrange a virtual tour, online meeting and ideally a visit and tour of the facilities that truly are market leading and enhancing to our customers.