Making your business Brexit-proof

The government has pledged £705 million to prepare its post-Brexit borders and Metro has launched its ‘Brexit-Proof’ platform, designed to prepare shippers for the impending changes and keep their European supply chains running smoothly after 1st January 2021.

Cabinet Office officials estimate that British businesses will now need to complete 400 million import and export declarations in 2021.

On Monday, the government started an ad campaign urging businesses to prepare for the upheaval as a survey showed only a quarter of company directors said they were fully ready, while 45% said they were unable to prepare, largely because of the impact of coronavirus.

You can get fully prepared with Metro’s ‘Brexit-Proof’ platform.

The Metro solution predicts the impact of next year’s changes to your European business, automates compliance and provides continuous reporting of trade volumes and tax liabilities.

You can monitor supply chain volumes and performance, while tracking cashflow implications of VAT and tariff liabilities.

Metro’s ‘Brexit-Proof’ platform automates import/export compliance, while monitoring trade volumes and tax liabilities

The UK’s post-Brexit border regime will come into place over three stages next year, in January, April and July respectively.

Export declarations and UK exit Safety and Security declarations will be required for all goods from 1st January 2021.

From 1 January 2021, businesses importing “standard goods” will need to fill out custom declarations and pay any necessary VAT.

Subject to approval, they have six months to submit customs declarations and VAT can be deferred until this time.

However, those importing controlled or excised goods – like alcohol and tobacco – will need to submit customs declarations immediately.

From April, all importers of products of animal origin will need to fill out health documentation and from July, submit customs declarations and pay relevant tariffs immediately.


Metro is the UK’s leading privately held freight forwarder and shipping outsource provider.

We have harnessed our leading-edge cloud technology and extensive business-process experience in the automated creation of thousands of documents daily, to create simplified Post-Brexit control, of import and export traffic flows.

From 13th July 2020, just five steps will make your business ‘Brexit-Proof’:

  1. Complete our Brexit scoping questionnaire
  2. Compile historic and forecast trade lanes and volumes
  3. Metro complete supply chain health check and solution
  4. Metro set-up transactional data recording
  5. Automated customs declarations ready

Your ‘Brexit-Proof’ solution provides:

  • Secure, cloud-based solutions
  • Complete peach of mind on 1st January 2021
  • UK and EU Customs compliance to avoid delays
  • The right HMRC regime(s) for your needs
  • Real-time visibility, control and intelligence
  • Fiscal forecasting and reporting to aid cashflow management

To request your Brexit scoping questionnaire, or to find out more, simply contact Chris Carlile or Grant Liddell (07817 477926)