FDF member update: UK border changes impact for food industry

The UK Government is finally planning to introduce new checks on food imports coming into the UK from this October, with new checks under its Border Target Operating Model (TOM) set to be phased in over the following year.

In April 2022, the UK government opted to delay the final phase of its planned border implementation covering sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) goods moving from the EU to the UK.

In the period since then, the government has been working on the Target Operating Model, a long-term border plan aiming to balance the need for a secure border with the needs of business for a simple border system.

The draft plan for the Target Operating Model proposes a new approach to importing food and goods into the UK, split between customs changes that apply to all goods and goods that require SPS controls.

For goods that have SPS controls, there will be a new global risk-based approach with simplified and digitised health certificates, piloting trusted trader approaches.

The risk model will be dynamic, responding to changing health risks, with emergency safeguarding measures to allow an immediate response to emerging threats or outbreaks.

There will be reduced checks on medium and low risk products alongside simplified export health certificates and electronic phytosanitary certificates for the import of plants and plant products.

Trusted trader schemes will support biosecurity and food safety risk management on ā€˜trustedā€™ premises, with Authorised Operator Status focused on plants and plant products and Accredited Trusted Trader Scheme and Technology Assurance Scheme focsed on animal and animal by-products.

Subject to industry feedback, the Target Operating Model will be introduced in stages and businesses should begin work to prepare their supply chains.

From 31st October 2023:

 – Health Certificates and phytosanitary certificates required for medium risk animal and plant products from the EU.

From 31st January 2024:

Ā – Document and physical checks for medium risk animal, plants and plant products and high-risk food of non-animal origin from the EU.

 – Lower risk plants and plant products will no longer require pre-notification.

 – Inspections of high-risk plants and plant products will move to Border Control Posts or Control Points.

 – Trusted trader scheme pilots for animal products begin.

 – Plant and plant product Authorised Operator pilots begin.

From 31st October 2024:

 – Safety and Security declarations for EU imports.

 – UK Single Trade Window will remove duplication across different pre-arrival datasets.

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