Competitive advantage in training Part 1

Effective training increases job satisfaction and morale. It provides motivation to the individual and increases efficiencies in processes for the business, while increasing the capacity of the wider team to adopt new technologies and methods.

Metro believe that effective training creates competitive advantage. Which is why we maintain an internal training function, to support employees and customers.

Metro has grown from a team of 50, to over 150 in just eight years. The longevity and experience of our team is a critical success factor and highlights our commitment to a rewarding work environment and career development, through experience and effective training.

Under the control of Training & Career Development Manager, Colin Smith, Metro design and deliver a wide-range of training solutions and experiences to four key groups: the Metro team; Undergraduates; Young people; and customers.

Prior to the Coronavirus lockdown, learning and development opportunities were expanding and a massive range of activity was in progress, encompassing all four groups

Metro team

  • Partnership development programme was active and growing with two-way visits and great dialogue that was building new relationships
  • Inductions and the programme for new team members was ever evolving
  • Management Development Programme
  • Supplementary training in technical and personal skills for staff and managers
  • Vessel-Port-Airport-Container Loading-ISO Tank Depot-Rail Hub Visits were growing, with strengthening relationships with service delivery partners
  • Customs Training in preparation for Brexit and CDS


  • Placements, were thriving, giving students the chance to experience the world of freight forwarding
  • Relationships with universities were growing and expanding the pool of potential undergraduates

Young people

  • 1st International Freight Forwarding Specialist Apprenticeship
  • Helped design the apprenticeship framework
  • Work with local schools and colleges was growing, to raise awareness to careers in freight forwarding
  • BIFA Young Forwarders Network involvement and engagement was growing and developing the provision of additional training opportunities


  • Training and supporting services customers was beginning to grow; with demand for additional services growing

Then bang! The Covid-19 grenade went off and other solutions needed.

NEXT WEEK: PART 2 Brave New World post Covid-19