Challenging shipping and supply chains

As the Coronavirus pandemic has spread globally, deep supply and demand shocks have severely disrupted international trade. Marine Traffic a data solutions provider is hosting a series of digital sessions on the future of shipping and what container movements may tell us about our return to prosperity.

The challenges thrown up by the current situation will also expose the ability of shipping lines and logistics providers, to help manage supply chains in dire need of exception management.

The ability to competently and effectively assist in challenging conditions is where shipping lines and logistics providers can differentiate their services and this is an area that Metro have invested heavily in for decades.

There is no doubt the industry is facing a very challenging period, however, this is also a time where we get to test the resilience of the container shipping and our supply chains, and perhaps this is the time that will accelerate digitisation across the industry.

The intelligent interpretation of shipping data and vessel utilisation, lays bare the realities of global trade and is the surest indicator of our return from the worst impact of the pandemic.

These questions and many more will covered in Marine Trafficā€™s, ā€˜Tracking Maritime Trendsā€™, series of digital sessions on the future of shipping.

Metroā€™s Technical Solutions Director, Simon George is joining the expert panel for the session that will consider Maritime Digitalisation and Unlocking Opportunities for the Shipping Industry, on 25th June from 2pm.

In the post-COVID 19 world, the need for smart thinking is greater than ever before. Simon and his fellow panelists will look at the accelerating digitalisation process and how to make best use of the huge volumes of available information.