Brexit and Customs: The New Process

Guaranteeing your cargo will be UK import ready from the 1st January 2021 takes preparation. Or prepare for delays and additional costs.

In the build-up to the earliest Brexit deadlines in 2019, HMRC announced a series of easements designed to simplify the movement of good from the EU into the UK. The flagship easement TSP, has been withdrawn and the default position will now be Customs declarations on arrival. These declarations should be made well in advance of the departure of your goods from the EU.

Can you guarantee your cargo will be UK import ready?

At the time of writing, clearance will be accompanied by safety and security declarations and specific declarations in relation to origin of cargo (EU supply doesnā€™t guarantee EU origin) are critical to the duty to be paid. Similarly valuation methods for intercompany stock movements need clear definition. Accurate classification is essential.

If there are any delays in your goods clearing Customs, then you could face daily storage charges, which can quickly add up, which is why most traders prefer to use an agent like Metro.

Contact your Metro account manager for more details and where we can assist including our Brexit consultancy and Health Check Packages.