Safety and security easements effective 1st July 2022

HMRC is introducing four new border easements tomorrow, focused around the submission of safety and security (S&S) information for vehicles taking goods into and out of the UK. The facilitations, that will be welcomed by the logistics sector, were recently confirmed to members of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) and are aimed at improving

Get ready for HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service

The customs handling of import and export freight system (CHIEF) has been in use by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for nearly 30 years and was due to be replaced when the UK left the European Union (EU), but its CDS replacement was not ready to handle the large increase in customs declarations, so the

Industry heavyweight to spearhead new Automotive division

Matthew Weight with 30 years’ experience and a specialist background in automotive logistics has joined Metro as Automotive Director. With responsibility for automotive services, Matthew will establish Metro as the first choice global logistics partner for finished vehicle, automotive components and aftermarket parts. An ardent and experienced logistician, with a passion for coaching football, Matthew

Train strikes threaten freight movements

The biggest rail strike in modern history will affect all rail operations and potentially bring the country to a standstill next week. Our transport teams are working with our service providers on contingency plans that will keep freight moving. The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union has promised it will “shut down” the rail network

US ocean supply chains face multiple challenges

While The House of Representatives passed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act this week, to overhaul regulation of the container shipping industry, its focus on detention and demurrage billing and the container lines’ responsibility to load exports, will have little impact on import congestion, or record sea freight rates. Carriers may leave India even as GRI’s

Forecasting and protecting your Asia supply chain

Global sea freight operations have struggled with disruptions since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic over two years ago, and this has continued into 2022, with a peak shipping season this summer that is likely to be very chaotic. China’s zero-COVID strategy lockdowns have slowed supply chains and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has effectively ripped

Protecting employees and the environment

Critics often dismiss Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a gimmick, or short-term marketing ploy, but we are committed to give back and CSR is not just a responsibility it is our duty to society, which is why core environmental and employee welfare initiatives are continuous, with no timeframe to end them. For the real cost

70 years of the Queen and global logistics evolution

In the 70 years that Queen Elizabeth II has been our monarch, her reign has heralded the transformation of international trade and the beginning and spread of a new global economy. When Elizabeth II acceded to the throne in 1952, at the age of 25, Britain had lost two-thirds of her pre-war export trade and

Demand for Shanghai sea exports may divert to air freight

As COVID lockdown measures are gradually relaxed in Shanghai it is uncertain how quickly export sea freight volumes will rebound, but many experts are anticipating a strong and sustained spike in demand creating a backlog of shipping containers, which could once again result in ocean shipments diverting and putting pressure on air freight, which is already experiencing reduced

China exports surge even as consumer demand weakens

Container volumes at eight of China’s top ports surged 25% to 16.8 million TEU in April, largely driven by consumers in Europe and the US, but manufacturers are anticipating weakening demand. According to figures released by China’s Transport Ministry, only Shanghai recorded a decline in sea freight throughput in April, the first full month of the city-wide