Metro’s ECO tool launches today – tracking and offsetting your carbon emissions within the supply chain

The new MVT ECO module that is launched today, with selected customers, monitors the energy emissions, emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of every consignment we move, by every mode, so that shippers can monitor and have the option to offset their CO2 emissions. As a non-asset owning 3PL, 99% of our carbon footprint is generated

Pandemic reveals weak links in global supply chain

Global supply chains have been under pressure since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of last year, highlighting deficiencies that have resulted in disruption, delays and rising costs. Along with a roller coaster journey from start to finish. In time, most of the congestion and disruption we currently face will dissipate, containers will be in

Metro’s ECO portal prepares for July launch

The new MVT Eco module monitors the energy emissions, emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move, by every mode and will be available free from the 1st July, which means that Metro customers can monitor the environmental impact of their supply chains and participate in offset projects that will eradicate their

Further decreasing our carbon footprint; increasing our green forwarder imprint

As a business we are committed to avoiding negative and enhancing positive impacts on our people, society and the global environment. We want to leverage our core strengths, resources and combined abilities to address and help provide solutions to local, regional and international challenges – and in particular human rights, labour rights and the environment /climate

The 40 year Metro journey

2021 should be a year of celebration for Metro, as it was officially our 40th birthday since commencing trading, but unfortunately, it also sees us dealing with the COVID pandemic and all its associated challenges. The continued home-working of many colleagues and the unprecedented supply chain disruption we are battling, means that we cannot celebrate

Using rules of origin effectively

Rules of origin determine where goods originate from and which are covered in preference agreements. It is not just where goods have been shipped or bought from, with the potential for multiple origins to consider and there can be severe financial penalties for getting it wrong. The origin is where goods have been produced or

The outsourcer’s outsourcers

We have been providing outsourcing services since our inception 40 years ago and this critical service has grown over four decades, with the development of our UK and two international business process outsource (BPO) operations. Metro has spent 40 years managing and transforming the outsourced supply chains of ambitious globally trading businesses in the UK

Disruption highlights competitive advantage of supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed key differences between “fit” and “fragile” supply chains, says advisors Gartner, and how businesses deal with the disruption may provide competitive advantage across market verticals and specific industries. While the most fragile focus on short-term survival, the fittest organisations see disruption as an opportunity to improve the value that their supply chain provides

Metro prepare for digitalisation with key role appointment

Metro’s drive towards increased digitising of all business operations and customer interfaces is accelerating with the appointment of industry tech leader, Claus Rasmussen to the technical solutions team, in the new role of Director of Information Systems. Claus will take the quality, resilience and development of Metro’s operational systems to the next level, reporting to