HMRC’s new declaration system: What you need to do

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will become the only UK customs platform when HMRC starts to phase out its legacy CHIEF system later this year and businesses importing goods into the UK need to take action on the government gateway. Launched over 30 years ago the customs handling of import and export freight system (CHIEF)

Leading by example

Effective planning for the receipt of inbound ocean cargo, requires accurate arrival dates, but with schedule reliability at all time lows, the effective management of imports has never been more challenging. Metro’s new ‘Vessel Tracking’ tool links directly with transceivers on board, to follow real-time progress and uses AI to detect changes and automatically correct expected arrival dates, so

Metro launch enhanced tracking tool as on-time ship arrivals hit six-year low

With global shipping schedule reliability at a six-year low and just 33% of ships arriving on time, during a chaotic year for container shipping, Metro Shipping is enhancing its MVT supply chain platform, with even greater scrutiny of real-time vessel tracking. The ability of vessels to hit their port berthing window impacts shippers and other carriers

Metro deliver on ECO promise

Having conceived, created and launched the MVT Eco module in 2021 – to monitor the CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move – and committed to environmental transparency, Metro has now officially offset our emissions for 2020. Companies’ response to climate change is arguably the most pressing issue facing society, which is why the UK

Foldable containers may be cure. Just not yet…

The bulk of the world’s trade is shipped in intermodal shipping containers, which have remained largely unchanged since IMO standardisation 50 years ago, but innovation may be the key to reducing supply chain congestion. Is this a new era of global container shipping? Few tools of the global economy have survived without major innovations as

Shippers risk falling foul of post-Brexit origin rules

Many British companies trading with the EU are still failing to understand the extent of their legal obligations to comply with the origin rules of the EU-UK trade deal and could face disruptive enforcement action by customs authorities, when a ‘grace’ period for UK imports ends on the 1st January 2022. Under the terms of

Supporting environmental transparency

Environmental reporting standards for business have been high on the agenda at the UN’s Climate Change Conference – COP26 – currently underway in Glasgow and Metro support the drive for businesses to be open about their impact on the planet, as transparency is an essential precursor for reaching global solutions to a global problem. Companies’

Why some supply chains fail in the current environment

Brexit and the COVID pandemic has put global supply chains, and the people who work in them, into the public consciousness for probably the first time. As disruptions impact supplies of consumer goods, leaving empty shelves and fears grow for Christmas stock availability, people are asking ‘what’s gone wrong’. Supply chains almost never operate perfectly.

Supply chain weaknesses exposed by Covid

For decades, offshoring and global sourcing have offered lower labour and operating costs, wider product ranges and opportunities to reach new markets. The pandemic has exposed their supply chain vulnerabilities. Customers are expecting faster and faster deliveries, but global supply chains take weeks and even months to land goods from overseas and lead times have been

Brexit delay, dithering and duties: Metro has your back

To the consternation of many shippers, the Government is changing the start dates for new border checks and processes for imports and exports with the EU. The good news is that Metro’s experts can protect your supply chain from these changes and simplify customs compliance, with our intelligent, automated, digital solutions. With three significant Brexit