£150m stolen from supply chains in 2020

Over £400,000 worth of goods in transit were stolen every day from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) supply chains in 2020, even with many countries being under lockdown for much of the year. The Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) recorded 6,463 cargo thefts across 56 countries in the EMEA region despite widespread lockdowns, with

GVMS, the UK’s border IT system with the EU

The lockdown impact on UK transport

Technology is the solution to the efficient movement of goods between Great Britain and the EU, and the mainland with Northern Ireland in the post-Brexit transition world. Live for GB/NI trade since the 1st January 2021, the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a critical border tool partially deployed by HMRC, that was still in

TfL changes raise UK domestic road operating costs

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and new rules for London’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) become enforceable by Transport for London (TfL) from the 1st March 2021. Both were set to be enforced from October 2020, but had been delayed for four months to allow the freight industry to focus on core operations during the coronavirus

Brexit review, optimistic freight and trumping the City

In the fourth quarter of 2020 the UK’s trade deficit widened by an astounding £10.9bn, as companies’ stockpiling accelerated ahead of the end of the EU transition period, barely pausing during French border disruption, to stop the spread of the Kent coronavirus variant. No FTA review Despite producing reviews of major trade deals, such as

Metro switch to new EU freight operations

Expectation of congestion at the UK’s primary Channel ports and the reluctance of foreign drivers to come to the UK, if their return journey was uncertain, prompted our preparation of alternative new RoRo and short-sea solutions. Before the UK joined the European Union less than half our continental imports moved through Dover, with the bulk

Brexit update; Cross border EU traffic threatened

Increasing numbers of exporters are struggling to acquire critical transit documents, which allow goods to cross borders within the European Union, because of delays at issuing offices and difficulties obtaining or increasing transit guarantees. The Common Transit Convention (CTC) allows trucks to move through the European Union and UK using a transit document (TAD), with

Brexit delays and confusion causing logistics delays and headaches

The Channel ports may be quiet, but behind the scenes drivers are being held up for hours and even days because they lack the right documents. European carriers are suspending UK services and European located businesses have stopped serving UK markets. The end of the Brexit transition period came into effect on the 1st January,

The lull before the storm ends – European Overland and Customs Update Week 2

While reports of free-flowing freight traffic at Dover may suggest everything is hunky-dory in the nation’s supply chain, after the end of transition, the reality is that there are problems, delays and disruption, it’s just taking place elsewhere and disruption is imminent.  Dover’s quiet, not because post-transition processes work, but because just a fraction of