Oil supply threat to road freight

While there has rightly been much focus on driver shortages and spiking fuel costs, it is a shortage of engine oil and lubricants that is currently the biggest threat to the road transport of freight. Road transport is an inherent component in almost every freight movement and the critical collection/delivery method for logistics operations and

Bracing for continued fuel surcharge increases – if it moves it needs an engine

Fuel prices were already on the way up before Russia decided to invade its neighbour and the additional volatility and uncertainty created by the conflict in Ukraine are significant enough to drive oil and fuel prices to levels not seen before. Or at least since the 1970’s relatively. Average low-sulphur marine fuel prices had already risen to $726/mt prior to the Ukraine

P&O inadvertently slash European Channel capacity

Freight services between the UK and Europe continue to face suspension after P&O Ferries’ Dubai-based owner, DP World laid off 800 workers last week, amid a controversial restructuring exercise. There are consequences in overland supply chains that had not been considered by most. After announcing the immediate redundancy of 800 workers exactly a week ago, P&O said

Good news; HGV driver numbers increasing

A recent surge in HGV tests by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has massively increased the number of HGV drivers in the marketplace, with possible signs that the driver shortage crisis might finally be starting to subside. While there were 49,000 fewer HGV drivers in the workforce in the fourth quarter of 2021

UK government funds 11,000 new HGV drivers

HGV driver numbers have shrunk by a quarter since 2019, creating a supply chain crisis that has accelerated post-Brexit, with an estimated shortage of between 40,000 and 100,000 lorry drivers, leaving gaps on shelves and triggering October’s petrol crisis. Transport within the UK, Europe and on a global basis has been very high profile over

2021; a year of supply chain challenges

All around the world, companies have been impacted by supply chain challenges in 2021. With the pandemic’s disruption exacerbated by ‘Black Swan events’, from Brexit, to the Suez Canal blockage, we have been working tirelessly to help our customers overcome these challenges and share critical information, so that they are always informed of what lies

Road freight costs up over a third

Market data suggests that road transport pricing may be stabilising after record increases, but is likely to remain at elevated levels for some time, due to continuing shortages of freight transport HGV drivers and limited capacity. UK road freight prices appear to be stabilising after rising by more than a third in 12 months, with

Liner haulage is effectively broken

Multiple issues are negatively impacting container haulage operations from ports across the UK, with inevitable financial and service impacts, which are likely to impact every importer of full containers. In the worst cases, if no action is taken, importers may face very significant additional charges, with no guarantee of delivery. Full load importers are facing

HGV crisis hidden for years

The HGV driver crisis, which has been gathering pace over the last two decades, has been largely hidden due, in no small part, to effective transport management by the freight forwarding community. But the situation has been exacerbated by Brexit and tax changes which encouraged 20 thousand European drivers to return to the continent and