Supply chain: Ukraine crisis

UPDATED 2nd March: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions and embargoes by the UK and other governments, will add further strain to international supply chains, that are still struggling with the protracted COVID pandemic and other disruption. The conflict is already impacting capacity and global operations and will reverberate through increased costs. Crude oil

Yantian port disruption widens with global ripple effects

While some container shipping lines will continue calling at Yantian, other carriers have already diverted ships as the port’s operations have deteriorated, with Maersk warning that delays are now expected to last two weeks. The Yantian congestion is yet another disruption to global shipping still reeling from the impact of the Suez Canal blocking in

Sea freight rates continue rise

Monitored ocean Freight all Kinds (FAK) rates rose yet again this week from their already record-high levels, across all major East-West trades, up 518% on their level a year ago into Northern Europe and expected to remain on the higher side due to port congestion, huge demand and lack of equipment availability. Shippers from Asia are bracing for imminent General Rate Increases

UK exports hit by EU and US tariffs

Despite the tariff-free deal agreed with the EU, up to ÂŁ3.5bn of British exports have already had taxes applied and the US has introduced new tariffs worth $2bn on European goods, including products from the UK. British goods worth billions of pounds, accounting for about 10% of British exports to the EU, have faced tariffs

Lines set to impose new round of increased fuel surcharges for Q2

The sea freight bunker industry has been undergoing significant change since the introduction of the IMO2020 rule and the impact of measures taken in response to the Coronavirus pandemic have contributed to major shifts in oil market dynamics, with rising prices encouraging shipping lines to increase their BAF surcharges from April 1st 2021. The Bunker Adjustment

Q2 sea freight market report

With the 2nd quarter (Q2) of 2021 just a week away, we review five key issues, that are likely to impact maritime logistics platforms over the next three month period and the actions that you can take to protect your cargoes and the integrity of your supply chains. Equipment, space and congestion issues remain a

Suez Canal blocked by container ship

At 7:40 am on 23 March 2021, the 20k TEU container ship Evergreen Ever Given was navigating the Suez Canal when it ran aground, turning the ship sideways and blocking the canal, with the potential to impact oil and sea freight prices if she cannot be freed quickly by the tugs currently trying to assist. Update