Metro launch enhanced tracking tool as on-time ship arrivals hit six-year low

With global shipping schedule reliability at a six-year low and just 33% of ships arriving on time, during a chaotic year for container shipping, Metro Shipping is enhancing its MVT supply chain platform, with even greater scrutiny of real-time vessel tracking. The ability of vessels to hit their port berthing window impacts shippers and other carriers

Telling us what you need – we are the ‘solution’ not part of the supply chain ‘problem!’

Delivering great service and exceeding your expectations is our continuous focus and commitment, but we need your feedback to give us the insights and understanding to drive future initiatives and remain a totally customer orientated business. Hopefully you will agree – we do this rather well and always proactively. Quality, efficiency, service, creative solutions and

British businesses investing in 2022

According to research carried out by consultancy Deloitte, the UK’s top firms will massively increase capital spending in the next 12 months, with over 30% of chief financial officers (CFO) at Britain’s premium listed firms scaling investment to capitalise on red hot domestic and foreign demand. Deloitte surveyed 85 finance chiefs at firms which have

Metro deliver on ECO promise

Having conceived, created and launched the MVT Eco module in 2021 – to monitor the CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move – and committed to environmental transparency, Metro has now officially offset our emissions for 2020. Companies’ response to climate change is arguably the most pressing issue facing society, which is why the UK

2021; a year of supply chain challenges

All around the world, companies have been impacted by supply chain challenges in 2021. With the pandemic’s disruption exacerbated by ‘Black Swan events’, from Brexit, to the Suez Canal blockage, we have been working tirelessly to help our customers overcome these challenges and share critical information, so that they are always informed of what lies

Critical Christmas considerations

Current supply chain stresses and Christmas holiday dates are combining to create specific festive challenges, that may impact your supply chain, which is why we have compiled those most likely to have an operational or financial impact.  As we come towards the close of the year we are faced with challenges across the board, on

Experts warn the UK is running out of warehouse space

Leading commercial property agents have warned that the UK could run out of warehouse space within a year, following the surge in online shopping and supply chain disruption triggered by the COVID19 pandemic. Demand for warehouses and vacant space is being driven by eCommerce, manufacturing and logistics support businesses that are having to hold inventory

GVMS, your new frontier control mechanism – January 1st 2022

On the 1st January 2022 the UK is imposing full border controls and many short-sea ports, including Dover and Eurotunnel have opted to use Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) as the frontier control mechanism. We have been using it since its launch at the beginning of the year, for GB-NI movements and it works well. Are you

Mega Felixstowe DC offers so much more than space – it’s UNIque

With warehouse space becoming increasingly scarce, access to 100,000 pallet spaces would be welcomed by most shippers. The new group Mega Distribution Centre beside Felixstowe port, offers the smart executive access to plenty of space and the opportunity to cut costs, simplify processes and improve cash flow. The new 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC

Port congestion eases, but challenges will continue to remain

Asia’s largest ports are showing signs that congestion is easing ahead of the Christmas holiday season, with Shanghai traffic declining 0.2%, Hong Kong ship count dropping 10.4% and Singapore dropping 14.7% according to an analysis by Bloomberg. While any easing of volume is welcome, Bloomberg’s results are based on a single week’s traffic and the