IMO 2020

If you use ocean freight you can’t ignore IMO 2023 – what is it?…read on to find out the implications.

The supply chain challenges that have been driven by the pandemic and continue today with endemic congestion and disruption are significant and need attention, but preparation is needed for significant changes and challenges that are waiting just around the corner. For close on two years everyone’s attention has been focused on operational, congestion and disruption challenges and

Lines set to impose new round of increased fuel surcharges for Q2

The sea freight bunker industry has been undergoing significant change since the introduction of the IMO2020 rule and the impact of measures taken in response to the Coronavirus pandemic have contributed to major shifts in oil market dynamics, with rising prices encouraging shipping lines to increase their BAF surcharges from April 1st 2021. The Bunker Adjustment

Making your supply chain carbon neutral

In an interview with the BBC, Maersk chief executive Soren Skou says greener shipping would cost the world’s biggest shipping lines billions of dollars and while he wants the consumer to pick up the bill, we think that low-cost action can be taken now to offset the carbon emission that shipping creates. Shipping – which

Asia sea rates peaking

Fuelled by volume reductions, IMO 2020 surcharges, and increasing demand ahead of Chinese New Year, Asia-Europe container spot rates are hitting levels not seen in years and could increase further in the run up to Chinese New Year. The traditional Chinese New Year spike in demand, before factories close for the holidays, which start on