Inflation data raise hopes of soft landing

The significant drop in UK inflation from 8.7% in May to 7.9% in June is the first fall since last November, and is a 15 month low that could hopefully be a turning point in the cost of living crisis. Global logistics is the barometer for UK trade and the health of the economy both

Supply chain impact of interest rate rises

On 22nd June the Bank of England surprised markets and the public with the size of their latest rate hike, increasing their Base rate to 5% from 4.5%, putting the rate at the highest level for 15 years, with implications for shippers and supply chains. Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, said that if the

Pressure on the PoundĀ (Ā£)Ā continues asĀ FXĀ markets slump

Sterling’s sensitivity to global stock markets has it struggling against the Euro and Dollar and stabilisation in global market conditions, to stop the continued August falls, is unlikely in the short term, it is predicted. The Pound slumped sharply against both currencies as fears of further interest rate rises in the United Stated have been stoked by

Tough times for the UK and world economy predicted

KPMG the respected business global consultancy and one of the Big Four accounting firms is expecting GDP growth to more than halve this year, with consumer slowing consumer spending and recession in 2023. In its latest UK Economic Outlook report KPMG said it expects GDP growth to more than halve this year, with a fall