Brexit delay, dithering and duties: Metro has your back

To the consternation of many shippers, the Government is changing the start dates for new border checks and processes for imports and exports with the EU. The good news is that Metro’s experts can protect your supply chain from these changes and simplify customs compliance, with our intelligent, automated, digital solutions. With three significant Brexit

Metro ready for UK’s new single customs platform – are you?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced last week that the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), a system integrated with our market-leading technology, will serve as the UK’s single customs platform from 31st March 2023. Operating since 1994, HMRC is finally retiring its Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system on 31st March 2023, from

Six months in UK businesses are still battling with the post-Brexit environment and sleep-walking into chaos

Surveys for the FT find companies have been hit hard by new checks and red tape, with almost a third of British companies suffering a decline or loss of business since post-Brexit. The survey by the Institute of Directors found that 17% that previously traded with the EU have stopped — either temporarily or permanently

June 2021; Post-Brexit trade update

Dover is seeking a judicial review of a Cabinet Office decision, while the Government offer financial aid to exporters, as food and drink exports to the EU fall by half and critics decry post-Brexit trade deals. TRADE AGREEMENTS The UK has agreed with Australia its first big post-Brexit trade deal, with tariffs cut on a range

UK exports hit by EU and US tariffs

Despite the tariff-free deal agreed with the EU, up to £3.5bn of British exports have already had taxes applied and the US has introduced new tariffs worth $2bn on European goods, including products from the UK. British goods worth billions of pounds, accounting for about 10% of British exports to the EU, have faced tariffs

Swiss harden position in EU market access talks with the BLOC

Last Wednesday, Switzerland announced its withdrawal from negotiations on closer ties with the EU, after failing to reach agreement on wages and immigration. The move by the Swiss government to withdraw from negotiations on a single encompassing “framework agreement” may result in some form of ‘Swexit’ as it seeks to evolve its relationship with the EU. The

Using rules of origin effectively

Rules of origin determine where goods originate from and which are covered in preference agreements. It is not just where goods have been shipped or bought from, with the potential for multiple origins to consider and there can be severe financial penalties for getting it wrong. The origin is where goods have been produced or

The outsourcer’s outsourcers

We have been providing outsourcing services since our inception 40 years ago and this critical service has grown over four decades, with the development of our UK and two international business process outsource (BPO) operations. Metro has spent 40 years managing and transforming the outsourced supply chains of ambitious globally trading businesses in the UK

UK launching regional trade hubs, but Freeports face tariffs

The government is creating four regional trade and investment hubs to boost economic growth across the UK, but post-Brexit trade agreements with 23 different countries include clauses that exclude manufacturers in the Freeport’s from the deals. Whoops-a-daisy Liz Truss! The hubs will be located in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Darlington, with the aim of boosting exports, by