July UK border updates – consistent trade with the EU Bloc

The government, who would like your feedback on UK border controls, have announced an unexpected border easement, but another one that nearly a quarter of a million traders would welcome is unlikely to happen. Customs Declaration ServiceThe customs handling of import and export freight system (CHIEF) has been in use by HM Revenue and Customs

Safety and security easements effective 1st July 2022

HMRC is introducing four new border easements tomorrow, focused around the submission of safety and security (S&S) information for vehicles taking goods into and out of the UK. The facilitations, that will be welcomed by the logistics sector, were recently confirmed to members of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) and are aimed at improving

Get ready for HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service

The customs handling of import and export freight system (CHIEF) has been in use by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for nearly 30 years and was due to be replaced when the UK left the European Union (EU), but its CDS replacement was not ready to handle the large increase in customs declarations, so the

EU/UK border controls set for July put back again

The UK government has again delayed the introduction of further border controls on goods from the EU, due for implementation from July, pushing them back until the end of 2023, suggesting it did not want to add more costs at a time of fast-rising inflation. New import controls, including on EU food products, due to

Importers from EU risking fines and worse

The EU introduced full import controls at the end of the Brexit transition period, while the UK government has now delayed full import control four times, with concerns rising that UK importers are not making appropriate declarations, risking fines and penalties. The UK government’s own Public Accounts Committee officials warned months ago that much remains to

HMRC’s new declaration system: What you need to do

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will become the only UK customs platform when HMRC starts to phase out its legacy CHIEF system later this year and businesses importing goods into the UK need to take action on the government gateway. Launched over 30 years ago the customs handling of import and export freight system (CHIEF)

July UK border changes from the EU

On the 1st July 2022, previously deferred UK border controls on the importing of animal health products and Safety and Security declarations, will come into force. From 1st July 2022, you will need to provide safety and security information about goods you are bringing into Great Britain from the European Union. Since January of this

Third of businesses not prepared for EU customs changes

With the multiple transitions, extensions and grace periods granted by the government, to minimise the impact on supply chains, of cutting trade ties between the UK and EU, 30% of businesses were still ‘not at all prepared’ for customs controls, when they were reintroduced in January. Through 2021, for 12 months after the UK left

Post-Brexit changes and demand driving up customs brokerage costs

New post-Brexit customs rules mean extra processes around declaring goods, which is increasing demand for scarce brokerage resources and pushing up the price of imports to the UK. Despite the UK government investing over £700 million in border infrastructure and additional technology to monitor trade, importers are facing billions of pounds worth of additional costs after the