FX Update; Predicting the Pound’s (£’s) performance in 2023

Having fallen against the US Dollar since Q2 2022, the Pound has recently touched fresh highs against both the Euro, US Dollar and many other global trading currencies, raising the question; will the Pound continue to rise from its October lows, when it flirted with Euro and Dollar parity, thanks to ex-PM Liz Truss. The UK’s currency, in reality, has

Pressure on the Pound (£) continues as FX markets slump

Sterling’s sensitivity to global stock markets has it struggling against the Euro and Dollar and stabilisation in global market conditions, to stop the continued August falls, is unlikely in the short term, it is predicted. The Pound slumped sharply against both currencies as fears of further interest rate rises in the United Stated have been stoked by

Falling pound (£) adds costs for imports

Rapidly rising inflation, the cost of living crisis, plunging consumer confidence and rapidly cooling business activity have contributed to the pound sterling’s fall to new lows, which has effectively added a further 5% inflation to the cost of imported goods. The Bank of England and US Federal Reserve are both facing strong labour markets adding