Latest market update ; The new EU trading relationship

While the EU/UK vaccine spat has underlined the interconnectivity of supply chains, Boris Johnson is putting an invisible trade barrier between France and the UK and 25% of UK SMEs have stopped exporting to the EU altogether. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is under fire from the EU’s leaders, for the slow rollout of Europe’s vaccine

UK Government extend EU import control easements

Michael Gove informed parliament last week that the introduction of stricter EU import controls, in line with Phases 2 and 3 of the government’s Border Operating Model, are to be delayed by at least six months. The minister for the Cabinet Office insisted that the government had responded to businesses’ requests for more time in announcing what he called a “revised timetable”.

Exporters bear brunt of Brexit ‘fallout’

The extension of import border controls is good news for some importers but may undermine negotiations with the EU for reciprocal easements and highlights the challenges still faced by exporters. Imports from the EU, which fell 28.8% in January, maybe buoyed by the government’s decision to postpone import controls, including food and animal product checks, while exports

The freeport effect – what does it mean and what are the benefits

There’s much more to the UK’s freeports than the ability to move goods tariff-free, with businesses potentially enjoying domestic tax breaks and cheaper employee costs, to encourage manufacturing, jobs and investment, in areas that would otherwise struggle to attract them. In his Budget last week, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak said the freeport’s would

The current lockdown, yesterday’s budget and future ‘revenge spending’ will impact your supply chain and logistics strategy

Boris Johnson has set the country on a “cautious” road-map for restoring normal life and economic activity by June 21st, with government support for the economy for months to come. There are four main stages (see below) in the road-map for the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, running from the 8th March, through the 12th April (when shops

GVMS, the UK’s border IT system with the EU

The lockdown impact on UK transport

Technology is the solution to the efficient movement of goods between Great Britain and the EU, and the mainland with Northern Ireland in the post-Brexit transition world. Live for GB/NI trade since the 1st January 2021, the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a critical border tool partially deployed by HMRC, that was still in

EU border friction easing, but issues remain

Importers and exporters are gradually adapting to the new processes triggered by the move to a 3rd country trading regime with the EU and the paperwork that has ensued. But a serious lack of customs clearance capacity in the UK will continue to impede cross-Channel trade for the unprepared. Initial issues surrounding the new processes

Brexit review, optimistic freight and trumping the City

In the fourth quarter of 2020 the UK’s trade deficit widened by an astounding £10.9bn, as companies’ stockpiling accelerated ahead of the end of the EU transition period, barely pausing during French border disruption, to stop the spread of the Kent coronavirus variant. No FTA review Despite producing reviews of major trade deals, such as

England freeport applications submitted – but what is the benefit?

The government has received around 40 bids for freeport status ahead of this month’s deadline, from port groups, airports and the Ford motor company. While there is some doubt that freeports will create “national hubs for trade” or “turbo-charge” the UK’s economic recovery in the short term, amid fears it might simply shift investment from