Air Freight Market Update; 20th May 2021

Asia’s economic bounce back continues to show strong growth, driven by new manufacturing orders and the ensuing increase in export sales, which is putting more pressure on supply chains, leading to increased lead times, shortages of aircraft space and rising prices. Purchasing managers data is showing the largest price increases in a decade, in the

Air cargo industry’s first sustainability report

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has released their Air Cargo Sustainability Report – Accelerating the sustainable transformation of air cargo – which is the first comprehensive study undertaken on the sustainable transformation of the air cargo industry.   As part of TIACA’s Sustainability program, launched in November 2019, the organisation performed a widespread industry

Air freight market still climbing

The global air freight market is accelerating rapidly, with massive rate increases impacting many trade lanes, with Asia & Europe to the US particularly affected. Volumes out of China have been increasing weekly, with higher yields to the US attracting carriers to the routes and reducing desperately needed capacity on other lanes, including Asia Westbound

South East Asia market weekly update and focus

Singapore is a major global freight hub, that is located at the heart of major shipping lanes in Asia and a gateway for Southeast Asia, which is why we value the regional insights and transport intelligence provided by our partners in-country. Metro recognised Singapore’s pivotal role in regional trade 40 years ago and, with our

£150m stolen from supply chains in 2020

Over £400,000 worth of goods in transit were stolen every day from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) supply chains in 2020, even with many countries being under lockdown for much of the year. The Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) recorded 6,463 cargo thefts across 56 countries in the EMEA region despite widespread lockdowns, with

Air freight demand returns but space remains an issue

The latest air cargo figures from the International Air Transport Association, the trade association of the world’s airlines, shows that while demand is growing ahead of pre-Covid levels, capacity is impeding growth and keeping prices far above the pre-pandemic levels. Measuring air freight demand by cargo tonne km (CTKs) IATA’s February 2021 figures show growth

India and Bangladesh enter new lockdowns, impacting supply chains

Having just come through a full weekend lockdown, Maharashtra state (location of the major port of Nava Sheva) government imposed lockdown-like curbs, including curfews, in the state from 8pm on 14th April for the next 15 days for everything but essential services, which includes transport, supply chain and customs operations, with Bangladesh entering a week

Security surcharge on air cargo trucked from UK to EU gateway airports

Airlines are imposing security charges for cargo arriving from the UK on road feeder services for flights out of European hub airports. Following the end of the post-Brexit transition period in January, EU law no longer recognises feeder trucked cargo from the UK as air cargo secure, and requires all such shipments to be re-screened

Air Freight Update ; Potential Heathrow April strikes

Industrial action at London’ Heathrow Airport by workers in the engineering, fire service, security, terminal operations, airside and landside sectors, will run from from the 2nd to 25th April, with the union Unite predicting “a massive effect” on cargo handling operations. The Heathrow staff will stage a series of strikes, in the long running dispute