Undergraduate Programme

Empowering your capability

The Metro placement year programme is designed to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to work in a dynamic and demanding logistics environment, to develop their people skills, as well as helping them build practical knowledge of the supply chain and automotive logistics.

It is our ambition to develop undergraduates during their placement year so that they might return to work for Metro following graduation. We invest in their development while they are with us and work hard to ensure they have a great placement experience.

Employment at Metro is the desired outcome but not the ultimate benchmark. We are not content to simply offer graduates a leg up to their first job, but want them to see a career with Metro that they will value for resilience, flexibility and opportunity in a volatile graduate labour market.

Our ultimate benchmark is the graduates that progress into management and team leadership.

The Metro placement year:

  • Paid placements
  • Personal mentor and career coaching
  • Comprehensive training and site visits
  • Potential graduate job

An Undergraduate’s story

Jack was among the first cohort of students to join Metro’s fledgling undergraduate programme.

“Metro provided a stimulating environment for my placement year, working alongside the operations teams on some exciting and challenging accounts”.

“Working with big manufacturers brought the export process and the impact we were having on global trade into focus for me, while the physical supply chain was experienced with visits to container ships, airport cargo handling and warehouse operations.”

“The experience definitely helped me in my final year at Northumbria and Metro’s continued support, guidance and market intel was invaluable in achieving my First!”

Jack returned to Metro after graduation to start his freight forwarding career. He is currently reviewing Metro’s CRM and database marketing capability as a member of the business development team.