Because we are better with you

Metro has grown from a team of 50 to over 200 in just ten years. We are proud that our staff retention is so high, and that so many colleagues choose to develop their career with us.

The longevity and experience of our team is a critical success factor and highlights our rewarding work environment of career development, workplace quality and work-life balance.

Our industry is undergoing continuous and profound change and tomorrow’s successful forwarders will look and operate totally differently than they do today. This is why we invest in our people, to help them reach their peak as creative, energetic, high-potential professionals who that will help us beat the challenge.

Each member of our team has access to career and personal development planning, which creates a unique pathway of training and continual improvement in order to reach their full professional potential.

We operate in dynamic and highly contested markets and understand that our competitors will constantly try to catch up with us by investing in technology, processes, and comparative solutions.

And while we have confidence in our technological edge, we know that what will keep us ahead is the people we have, and how they:

Build relationships and define solutions

Develop teams and strengthen processes

Create and leverage technology to deliver flawless service

TRAINING | Personal and professional development

The Metro training team is responsible for internal skills and professional development and external training of customers, partners and suppliers.

The team’s remit encompasses induction and product training, mandatory and safety training, technical skills and soft skills, not typically taught in the classroom, such as the ability to work with a wide variety of people, time management and the ability to prioritise.

  • Analytical planning
  • Creative thinking
  • Relationship management
  • Coordinating with other teams
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Customer and service orientation
  • Negotiation

The Metro Apprenticeships

You can start your career at Metro with and apprenticeship. We offer different pathways:

Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship

Administration Apprenticeship (Position filled)

The Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship

You will study over 18 months towards Level 3 International Freight Forwarding Specialist. You will gain CORE knowledge and skills, before selecting a PATHWAY of Air Freight, Ocean Freight or Road Freight, to acquire additional knowledge and skills.
Vacancies in London and Birmingham

The Administration Apprenticeship (Position filled)

You will study over 15 months towards Level 3 Business Administration. You will gain knowledge and skills, suited to individuals working within a support function, either independently or as part of a team, to develop, implement, maintain and improve administrative services.

Currently No Vacancies