27/01/2022 / Metro

Telling us what you need – we are the ‘solution’ not part of the supply chain ‘problem!’

Delivering great service and exceeding your expectations is our continuous focus and commitment, but we need your feedback to give...
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27/01/2022 / Sea, Supply Chain

The World’s biggest container line freezes out small shippers 

Leading shipping line, Maersk, has decided to focus on its largest volume customers, in a move that jeopardises the future...
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27/01/2022 / Air, China, Coronavirus, Sea, Supply Chain

China’s continued zero-Covid challenge for supply chains

The lockdowns and restrictions that China’s zero-Covid strategy risk, may create greater disruption than earlier waves of the pandemic, threatening...
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26/01/2022 / Supply Chain

Long supply chains offer innovation and lower prices

Many companies believe that the logical response to Covid disruption is to shorten supply chains, but a new academic study...
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26/01/2022 / Supply Chain

2022; Supply chain outlook

Supply chain pressures remain well above their pre-pandemic levels, but studies of worldwide supply chain constraints produced by the Federal...
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13/01/2022 / Brexit, Customs, EU, Supply Chain

Ports under post-Brexit pressure

The 1st January 2022 changes to UK border policies, with the imposition of customs declaration for imports from the EU,...
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13/01/2022 / Air, Supply Chain

Airline terminal handling and storage pricing strategy wrong

Ground handling of air freight cargo is a critical element in the time-sensitive mode, which has a profound impact on...
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13/01/2022 / Metro, Supply Chain

British businesses investing in 2022

According to research carried out by consultancy Deloitte, the UK’s top firms will massively increase capital spending in the next...
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13/01/2022 / China, Sea, Supply Chain

COVID outbreak impacts Ningbo port

The suspension of trucking services in several parts of China’s Zhejiang province, followed a COVID outbreak just over a week...
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13/01/2022 / Environment, Metro, Supply Chain, Technology

Metro deliver on ECO promise

Having conceived, created and launched the MVT Eco module in 2021 - to monitor the CO2 equivalent emissions, of each...
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