10/06/2020 / Brexit

Terms of trade will trip you up

The two most popular terms of trade used for EU/UK movement currently, will have profoundly different outcomes when the transition...
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09/06/2020 / Brexit

Latest on USA Trade agreement post Brexit

The United States is Britain’s biggest trading partner after the EU, accounting for nearly 19% of all exports and 11%...
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09/06/2020 / Coronavirus

Shipping line CEO sees signs of June recovery

An increase in Chinese manufacturing in May, combined with seasonal demand for summer products, and a need to replenish inventories...
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08/06/2020 / General, Metro

Be more Oscar!

Metro colleague, Dani Jealous’ son has very sadly recently been diagnosed with Batten Disease, a rarely inherited condition that affects...
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08/06/2020 / General, Metro

The Metro team talk: Dave Jones

Metro has evolved continuously over the last four decades and Dave’s journey with us over the last two and a...
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04/06/2020 / Coronavirus

Lines effectively write off 2020 peak season

It is clear that the container shipping lines are expecting weak demand to extend into the peak season, with the...
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04/06/2020 / General, Technology

Digital disruption is just noise

Digital disruptors will no more kill-off today’s forwarding sector than the advent of European rail did in the 1800s, according...
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03/06/2020 / Coronavirus

Apparel factories face closure

As millions of garment workers face uncertainty globally because of cancelled orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of the...
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03/06/2020 / General, Metro

The Metro team talk: Linzi Barnes-Cox

We often talk about the need for resilient, agile and flexible supply chains. And while our leading-edge technology creates the...
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02/06/2020 / Coronavirus

Metro Offices – We’re Back!

The vast majority of Metro staff have been working successfully from home over the past 10 weeks and now we...
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