20/03/2020 / Coronavirus

COVID-19 business continuity planning

What started as a local phenomenon in China has grown to a global pandemic within a few weeks. The impact...
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11/03/2020 / Coronavirus

Coronavirus update, 11th March

The supply chain situation in China improves daily and Chinese factories are increasing output, but issues continue to hamper the...
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10/03/2020 / Coronavirus

China sea and air markets on the rise

While ocean carriers are preparing for a return to fully booked ships on their Asian services, the air freight market...
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05/03/2020 / Coronavirus

Coronavirus update, 5th March

As the Coronavirus repercussions extend further outside of mainland China, business are braced for continued disruption across their global supply...
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04/03/2020 / Coronavirus

China freight rates rising

Asia press sources are reporting on surging freight rates, amid massive reductions in air and ocean capacity, following the weeks-long...
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04/03/2020 / General, UNECE

Metro join global experts in Paris

UN/CEFACT is the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, which is working to automate and harmonise trade...
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28/02/2020 / Coronavirus

Coronavirus: The China supply chain latest

The logistics environment in China is complex and evolving, with new, often unexpected challenges, emerging on a daily basis. We...
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27/02/2020 / Coronavirus

China‘s long road back

China's factories have begun the struggle to restart after an extended Chinese New Year holiday, complicated by the travel and...
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25/02/2020 / Brexit

Government plans Freeports to boost economy

New Freeports, hubs of business and enterprise, will be opened across the UK creating thousands of jobs, regenerating communities and...
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25/02/2020 / Coronavirus

Avoiding post-Coronavirus disruption

Airlines have cut swathes of capacity on their China services in response to a collapse in passenger demand due to...
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