Brexit-proof: Solutions

Metro has designed a range of Customs solutions to protect your supply chain from the impact of Brexit. Maintaining efficient import and export operations, while keeping you Customs compliant and maximising the cashflow benefits of HMRC’s ‘light-touch’ regimes.

Metro’s resources, skills and capabilities, means that we are well-positioned to support your trade between the UK and the EU, no matter how large or complex your requirements may be.

We process customs clearances at all UK airports and seaports, creating and submitting the declarations for thousands of shipments every week.

With our unique strategic partners, we can offer fiscal and customs representation in every EU country, with the same capabilities, to provide continuity of service across Europe.

Our Brexit solutions are designed to give you the flexibility of choice and scope to fit your needs; reducing costs, strengthening compliance and eradicating risks to your business.

Brexit Health-check

We review your responses to our simple questionnaire, to analyse the impact Brexit will have on your supply chain and show you how you can prepare to mitigate them while maintaining operational efficiency and obtaining the maximum cashflow benefits offered by
HMRC’s ‘light-touch’ import regime.

We show you all the areas of consequence, including relevant authorisations, Tariff classifications, VAT/Duty implications, beneficial Incoterms and reporting. We make sure that no questions are left unanswered.

Customs Broker

Simply complete our Letter of empowerment (‘power of attorney’) to appoint Metro as your Customs Broker, to manage all your inbound and outbound customs declarations, through one portal.

We prepare your Customs master data, walk you through documentary and licence requirements and take the necessary steps to remove risks of disruptions to your UK/EU trade flows. To avoid disappointed customers and give you the exploit to exploit every European opportunity.

Metro systems are integrated with HMRC’s Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), which means we can clear goods anywhere in the UK digitally, which is critical, as an estimated additional 200 million Customs declarations will follow Brexit.

In addition to preparing and submitting appropriate border declarations, Metro will also maintain your records in line with HMRC guidelines, to keep you compliant, while protecting your cash flow.

Brokerage and freight

Metro manage hundreds of multi-modal freight movements from within and outside of the EU every week, which means we are well used to working in the free trade area and crossing the Union’s hard borders.

You can combine our market-leading European freight services with our pan-European Customs Brokerage, to create the most cost-effective, efficient and compliant supply chain solution.

With Metro’s multi-award-winning cloud-based technology you will have complete real-time visibility of your physical supply chain and a total fiscal overview of your Customs situation, liabilities and monies owed across the UK and EU.


Metro work entirely digitally with many of the UK’s largest importers and exporters, integrating ERP, operational and tracking systems to provide seamless global transport solutions.

Metro is committed to extending the same digital capability and benefits to traders of all sizes and will work with customers to help them digitalise their supply chain documentation, with analogue to digital transfers and machine learning.

Our innovative Customs Documentation Service – CUDOS, provides a simple way for you to submit commercial invoices and import & export customs declarations.

If you are able to send us customs data electronically we are making available a unique CUDOS API interface. With multiple end-points, this will allow accurate data transfer enabling Metro Shipping to validate and process your declarations via our dedicated Brokerage Team. The API is located at – contact us for authentication details.

The CUDOS engine has innovative machine learning capabilities to convert your PDF documentation, allowing Metro Shipping to quickly and accurately process your commercial invoices without any need for you to re-enter data manually.

Throughout the process you will have real-time updates through the CUDOS Dashboard, allowing you to track progress and download your documents

For further information please contact Jade Barrow or Andrew White who are leading our 2021 EU withdrawal Task Team.