Letter of empowerment

This essential power of attorney is required to demonstrate to Customs (under legal provisions) that authority is granted to Metro to act in your name and on your behalf.

The ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) – also known as a ‘Letter of Empowerment’ – refers to the authorisation required to be given to the customs broker on behalf of the importer or exporter.

Completing the POA takes a matter of minutes and only requires a EORI, VAT and (if applicable) your deferment number.


With the POA in place Metro can begin handling “customs business” on behalf of the client and must be signed by an officer of the company.

The POA will remain in effect “UNTIL REVOKED”, which gives the customer the power to revoke the POA at any time.

For further information, or to attain a copy of our POA template in Word format and current Brexit brokerage update, please contact Grant Liddell or Chris Carlile for assistance