From the 1st January 2021, 150,000 UK businesses will be exposed to Customs formalities for the first time and will create an additional 200 million declarations per year.

Being prepared to submit those declarations is the key to maintaining an efficient European supply chain.

We know the changes that have come into effect on the 1st January, but how ready are you?

  • Customs formalities will be required (UK & EU)
  • Safety & security declarations will be required
  • SPS* goods require health certificates
  • SPS* goods to pass through Border Control (BCP)
  • Tariffs under review, expect final information Q4 2020
  • UK VAT does NOT need to be paid at importation
  • GB to NI requires import entry and possible duty
  • SPS* from GB to NI requires health certificate

*SPS = sanitary and phyto-sanitary
(products of animal origin, plants, vegetables, fruit and produce).

You may not be as prepared as you thought.

We are Customs specialists, with the resources, expertise and technology to make sense of our new European trading relationship.

Complete our Brexit questionnaire and we will analyse the impact Brexit will have on your supply chain.

Your bespoke Brexit health-check will detail your Brexit readiness and show you how you can prepare to mitigate them, while maintaining operational efficiency and obtaining the maximum cashflow benefits offered by HMRC’s ‘light-touch’ import regime.

We show you all the areas of consequence, including relevant authorisations, Tariff classifications, VAT implications, beneficial Incoterms and reporting. We make sure that no questions are left unanswered.

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