Freight Management

Leaving you free to grow

For decades leading brands and manufacturers have outsourced import and export trade lanes or their entire supply chain and logistics to Metro.

We handle all aspects of our clients’ shipping and logistics needs, so they can focus on growth, including the management of their carriers, controlling all methods shipment, dealing with national and international regulations, insurance and distribution services.

Our freight management team has decades of experience and knowledge. It provides an intelligent link between carriers and shippers to manage the supply chain and ensure goods are delivered on budget and on time, with MVT providing transparency and visibility of the entire operation.

Metro’s freight management solutions are designed to maintain the highest levels of service and reliability, providing full visibility of product movements and inventory in the supply chain.

While you may negotiate your rates and service level agreements directly with carriers, we provide advice and guidance to attain the best deals, carriers and resources to meet your specific needs and reduce your overall transportation costs.


We manage the:

  • Supply chain audit and assessment
  • Risk and financial review
  • Existing supplier cost reviews
  • Alternative vendor introduction
  • Management of existing suppliers
  • Freight negotiation and advice
  • Carrier invoice audit and reconciliation
  • KPI and supply chain reporting