Challenging is everyday

With our joint venture partner Fracht Metro plans, organises and implements the protection and national and international transport of large, heavy, high value, and complex pieces of equipment.

Fracht/Metro’s project clients are in many verticals, with the majority in the oil and gas, wind-power and renewable, mining, engineering, and construction industries.

Our specialists conduct site and route surveys to plan the lifting, securing and transportation by the selected mode, within the client’s budget and timeframe.

Successful project movements are all about attention to detail, effective briefing and the proven audit and planning process that our Fracht colleagues have perfected.

In following the plan’s stipulations closely, complex cargo operations can be effected relatively simply, eliminating risks, reducing costs and avoiding penalties.

For large infrastructure, relocation and construction projects, we can work with engineers in the design or pre-construction planning stage to outline and budget options for protection, handling and transportation to final destinations. This reduces risk and supports the best outcome for the clients’ eventual project shipment requirements.


Planning for success

Successful project movements rely on careful planning that audits the route, describes the method and allocates the resources that ensure the safe, secure handling and transport of your consignment.

We undertake pre-movement feasibility studies and site and route surveys to create transport manuals, that detail the equipment and methods used for the domestic and international packaging, handling and movement of outsize and special cargo.

  • Site and route surveys
  • Transport manual with detailed instructions, plans and diagrams
  • Public authority and policing liaison
  • Crane operation – method statements
  • Loading, quayside, unloading attendance
  • Transport documentation
  • Heavy lift transport – road, sea, inland waterway, air charter
  • Machinery erection and dismantling
  • Inspection and engineer support

Steve Coldwell. BA(Hons), FCILT, FlnstLM
Snr Projects Manager