Customs & Compliance

Keeping you compliant and penalty free

We all want to remain fully compliant in international trade and reap the rewards, but regulations are becoming increasingly complex. From post-Brexit customs regulations to aviation security and counter-terrorism measures, the scope continues to increase.

International supply chain security requirements and customs regulations are manifold and vary region to region, but the penalties for non-compliance can be severe, including substantial fines and repeated examinations, which all impact supply chain performance.

Drawing on 40 years’ experience, Metro is AEO accredited and provides unrivalled assistance and advice for compliance in the UK, EU, USA and the rest of the world.

AEO security and safety accreditation confirms that Metro meet the highest standards in financial, operational and customs compliance, and have the security and safety supply chain standards that denote a reliable trading partner.

Our understanding of Customs regulations, extensive experience and worldwide contacts enables us to guide you through the complexity of Customs compliance and procedures.

We work closely with HMRC and have integrated our operation platform with its legacy CHIEF declaration system and its new CDS system, so that we can arrange customs clearance of inbound and export freight at any port or airport. This integration is Brexit-proof.

In the USA, we are a Licensed Customs Broker through our joint venture partner Fracht, who are C-TPAT accredited, experienced in Customs law and familiar with US government agencies, including FDA rules and freight regulations.

Our systems integration and our team’s extensive knowledge of customs regulations ensure the prompt and compliant clearance of your goods, with a menu of services including:

  • Full declaration and reporting
  • Direct electronic declarations to HMRC
  • Automated Import / Export clearance service
  • Simplified Procedures including CFSP
  • Post declaration monitoring and reporting
  • Advice on tariff quotas and classifications (including rulings)
  • Audit of current practices and processes

Our EU customs solutions


Metro manage all your inbound and outbound customs declarations, to keep your UK/EU trade flowing.


Combine market-leading European freight services with our pan-European Customs Brokerage, for the most cost-effective supply chain solution.


Metro work entirely digitally with many of the UK’s largest importers and exporters and is committed to extending the benefits and capability to traders of all sizes.