Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Dangerous, hazardous and challenging products have never been safer

Specialised products need Metro’s specialists, who are experienced in the safe and effective handling and transportation of the most challenging cargoes.

Safety, environmental regulations and the movement of dangerous goods are big challenges for the chemicals industry. Metro helps to overcome these challenges by reengineering supply chains.

Metro’s industry-leading tools are conceived, delivered and supported in the cloud by our in-house technical team, providing inventory visibility, vendor management and full supply chain control.


The formula for success

Chemical logistics is particularly challenging, with products that require special care in handling, transporting, compliance and storing to keep them secure and prevent safety hazards.

Designed to carry liquids in bulk, the ISO Tank container is made of stainless steel and is surrounded by various types of protective layers for different types of hazardous and non- hazardous products.

When a chemical manufacturing client wanted global visibility of its 7’000 ISO tank, Metro’s team audited individual customer supply chains, so they could be mapped, participants and processes identified and timescales set at critical milestones.

Metro’s account team worked with colleagues from the MVT department and created a visibility solution that monitors ISO Tank location and progress against the prevailing supply chain model, highlighting and automatically resolving non-conformities, which means that the client only needs to address unresolved issues.