From prototype to after-sales

Metro has been working with automotive brands, OEMs and manufacturers for decades, optimising complex inbound and outbound supply chain operations to develop the smooth manufacturing, assembly and despatch process that is critical for global success.

In delivering our automotive specific solutions, we develop and implement information management processes on our MVT platform that are integrated with related road, air and ocean freight services, critical documentation including purchase orders and key supply chain participants.

We customise flow and data management processes in accordance with your supply chain requirements by integrating inventory, physical process and your global supplier networks to create complete end-to-end visibility on our MVT platform, thus optimising communications and information management and improving delivery performance.

We design scalable supply chain optimisation programs with you to make your supply chain efficient and successful, allowing you to better serve your clients’ requirements.

Complete visibility and transparency within your supply chain are important conditions for a smooth process flow, effective inventory management and efficient phasing.

Our automotive operations network and web-based software applications provide complete supply chain solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s automotive industry and that are simple to extend, adapt and expand.

Metro’s flexible and scalable solutions mean that it is simple for automotive customers to initiate activity globally, such as adding new production facilities, opening new markets, running testing programmes and outsourcing critical activity.

At every point we work tirelessly with automotive customers to drive innovation and continuous improvement for inbound product flows, aftermarket logistics, distributor support and vehicle transport.

For all automotive manufacturers it’s critical to maintain uninterrupted production lines because the cost of any stoppage could run to millions a day. Metro prevents stoppages by coordinating procurement and inbound freight operations and offers express services for urgent components and parts.