Export Experts

Driving British success

For almost 40 years Metro has been managing the secure and effective multi-modal transport of orders for British and international exporters, helping them improve profit margins and compete with rivals more effectively while minimising financial risk.

We compare and contrast carrier, mode and route options in line with your preferences and terms of trade to find the most appropriate cost-efficient options that meet your delivery promise.

Effective packaging is critical in ensuring that the customer receives your products in the pristine condition that ensures satisfaction and prompts additional orders.

The correct paperwork is vital for every export shipment and differs by country, so it is critical that you get it right, or you risk having customers orders delayed by customs due to missing vital documents.

We help you get the right paperwork, every time, to ensure that your goods always arrive on time.

Our in-house experts provide guidance and produce the full range of original, certified and customs documents required for compliance and bank presentation.

Metro’s solutions encompass the occasional exporter to some of the world’s largest exporting brands, managing the timely despatch of hundreds of global shipments daily.

The integration of Metro’s supply chain visibility and management tool, MVT, with exporters’ ERP systems, streamlines and simplifies the processing, customs declaration and despatch of export orders from global production facilities to customers around the globe.

This means that large manufacturing customers can open new manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world and have absolute confidence that export orders will be expedited swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively, as soon as they are available.

Over the last 12 months Metro has supported:

  • Exports for new Czech and Austrian plant machine factories
  • Exports for a Shanghai car manufacturer, plus imports of prototypes to the UK
  • Global exports for petro-chemical manufacturer
  • Third country exports for a global manufacturer
  • Generating export invoices and documentation, global spares shipping and distributor support